Protecting our iPad is mandatory, and the screen is the most delicate point of the entire device. Fortunately, for very little we can get a tempered glass screen protector that is barely noticeable and will leave our screen intact.

Screen Protectors for iPad Air

We have made a selection with several options for the fourth-generation iPad Air, or iPad Air 2020, so you can choose the one you like the most. The important thing is that the screen of your new device is safe.

ESR Screen Protector for iPad Air 2020

This is a great option that includes two high-strength, transparent tempered glass screen protectors. The best thing is that it includes a frame that acts as a guide for perfect placement.

Deyooxi Screen Protector for iPad Air 2020

A different and perfect screen protector if you are going to use a pencil to draw or take notes on the iPad Air 2020. This protector has a special touch that, in addition to protecting the iPad screen, has a matte texture that simulates paper.

AmFilm Protector for iPad Air 4

This option guarantees 99.9% transparency, has curved edges for better user experience and includes 2 tempered glasses. A resistant quality protector, anti-scratch, with a hardness of 9H and with anti-fingerprint technology.

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