Poimo, the Inflatable Electric Bike

A prototype electric bicycle created at the University of Tokyo could revolutionize the way we move. Poimo can be carried in a backpack, along with its battery and a portable inflator. The last decade has been full of risky and successful proposals to revolutionize mobility in cities. For example, we have seen extravagant launches from Tesla, which has become one of the giants of the industry and, in addition to beautiful electric cars, is capable of sending rockets into space. Without a doubt, electric motors are being the protagonists of this revolution of more res

Technology, Tips and Tricks

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The Best iPad Cases for 2020

The latest iPad Air model is one of the best tablets on the market, both in terms of performance and design. But if there is something almost mandatory that you must do as soon as you buy it, it is to get a good cover. IPads, having a very large screen, are quite delicate, especially if we take them out of the house often. A cover is essential, and here you have a collection of the best ones for your iPad Air 2020 or iPad Air 4. ZtotopCase Magnetic Case A highly recommended cover as it uses images to hold it on, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off. Thi