A prototype electric bicycle created at the University of Tokyo could revolutionize the way we move. Poimo can be carried in a backpack, along with its battery and a portable inflator.


The last decade has been full of risky and successful proposals to revolutionize mobility in cities. For example, we have seen extravagant launches from Tesla, which has become one of the giants of the industry and, in addition to beautiful electric cars, is capable of sending rockets into space. Without a doubt, electric motors are being the protagonists of this revolution of more responsible transport with the environment. Poimo joins all the mobility innovations such as connected cars, hoverboards, electric scooters or autonomous vehicles, an inflatable and portable electric bike. How do you stay?

Poimo, marketing short for ‘Portable and Inflatable Mobility ‘, has been created by researchers from the University of Tokyo. Although it is only a prototype, as they point out in their scientific article that you can read here, it could lay the foundations for even more comfortable mobility.

Inflatable, portable and only 2kg

The peculiarity of this electric bicycle, as we have indicated in the title, is that its main structure is inflatable. How does it work? Very easy, when you want to use the bicycle you will have to remove it from its backpack, inflate it with a small air pump, and connect wheels, motor, battery and steering wheel to the already inflated structure.

The rigid components are not connected to the inflatable, so each time you inflate or deflate this electric bike, you will have to adjust or remove them. However, as you can read in his article, they are not complex to connect.

Will it be comfortable? The total weight of Poimo, once ready to roll, is 7.8 kg, but if you carry it in your backpack it will weigh a total of 2.3 kg. A priori, the backpack seems large enough to be carried around all day, but researchers at the University of Tokyo say they could reduce the weight and size of Poimo if it were to be marketed.

Designed to withstand shock and weight

Indeed, it is not for sale. For now, this inflatable electric bike is just a prototype that seeks to make it clear that inflatable structures can be viable when creating vehicles. Poimo’s body is made of thermoplastic polyurethane ( TPU ), a structure that, having a pressure of 0.5 bar, becomes a fairly resistant material.

In fact, Japanese researchers point out that Poimo only bends a few centimetres when supporting a weight of 80kg. How about? Will we soon see an inflatable electric bike on the street?

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